Jan 29, 2021
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Singer Yulia Savicheva decided on a second pregnancy

The popular singer Yulia Savicheva rarely sees her daughter because of work and travel. However, this does not prevent her from dreaming of another child.

The performer of the hit “If Love Lives in the Heart” Yulia Savicheva lives in two countries. She works in Russia, and goes to Portugal to visit her little daughter, who is being raised by her husband’s parents. Despite her busy schedule, she dreams of a second child.

“I work all the time, often traveling. I come home late – tired and nervous. And when we come to Portugal, I completely devote myself to the child. This is a completely different feeling from the perception of parents, “Savicheva said in an interview with reporters.

Savicheva remembered that she was the only child in the family. She always dreamed of siblings. Since it so happened that she grew up without them, she will not allow this in her family.

“That desire from childhood motivates me. Therefore, my husband and I really want a second child, “- said the singer.

The other day, relatives of Savicheva’s daughter Anya noticed that the girl was painting in kindergarten and doing a manicure. The star mother has nothing against such fun, but many commentators condemned the singer for indulging her daughter’s whims.

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