Oct 18, 2020
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Singer Valeria starred in a swimsuit

Singer Valeria starred in a swimsuit

Singer Valeria delighted fans of the photo in a swimsuit.

The artist told her fans that she starred in a new video. It is possible that his plot is set in warm countries.

In her personal blog, the artist published a photo in a black bandeau swimsuit and mask glasses against the backdrop of a pool with blue water and palm trees.

"Light tan will not hurt me for filming a new video", - she signed the frame

The star marked the picture with hashtags: # premiere # release # new track. The frame made a splash among her fans. Admirers of the famous blonde began to vying with each other to write enthusiastic comments to her address.

Valeria in a swimsuit
Valeria in a swimsuit

"You can envy such a figure "," Valeria, how cheerful and sunny you are, you are always magnificent, your condition is passed on to us! "," What a gorgeous figure, you look very good "," You are in amazing shape! You are a hard worker! Such a beauty ”,“ Photos with such a figure are very motivating. I'm going to train. Valeria, you are, as always, in shape and positive "," You are a beauty, fire "," Beautiful, gorgeous, thanks to Joseph for boundless love for you! "," We were stunned by the figure! "," You are perfect!"- can be seen in the comments.

Alla Pugacheva's stylist Igor Gulyaev was among those who gave their "like" to Valeria. Also, many followers noticed that Joseph Prigogine's wife had noticeably lost weight. However, not everyone liked it.

"God, what a reed has become! ”,“ Valeria has become very thin, but it suits you ”,“ Anorexia ”,“ No, but on the edge!"- noticed the web users.

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