Mar 31, 2021
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Singer Valeria spoke about the difficulties at the show “Mask”

Russian singer Valeria spoke about the difficulties of working in the show “Mask” as a judge.

Singer Valeria spoke about the difficulties at the show

The project jury has already exposed the Penguin, Black Panther, Pink Panther, Sun and Pineapple. Aziza, Svetlana Khorkina, Olga Buzova, Marina Kravets and Joseph Prigozhin, respectively, were hiding under these images.

Valeria said that with each release it became much more difficult to guess the characters, because the brightest and most talented participants remained.

“I’m afraid to imagine what will happen in the last editions, when it’s impossible to guess the contestant,” added the artist.

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Not without debauchery on the show. Regina Todorenko was accused of trying to find out the scandalous details of the individual life of the contestants disappearing under the guise. She assumed that blogger David Manukyan disappeared under one of the guises and asked the alphabet if he had recently parted with the Pink Panther.

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