Jun 2, 2022
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Singer Valeria ridiculed her appearance


54-year-old singer Valeria spoke about her beauty.

The actress spoke critically about herself. The pop star admitted that in her youth she did not know how to properly style her hair and do makeup.

The performer of the hit “There Was Love” is in excellent physical shape. The figure of the artist can be the envy of many young girls. To look like this at more than fifty years old, Valeria has to put a lot of effort.

The pop star starts the day with a workout and tries to exercise 3-4 times a week. “Now I’m doing more functional training. This is important to me: I do not want to lose shape. Sport gives vitality, fighting spirit, you feel better“, – explained the People’s Artist of Russia.

Valeria - photo from the archive -
Valeria – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The wife of producer Joseph Prigogine often experiments with style and can afford skimpy outfits. At the same time, Valeria has been faithful to light hair color for many years. She only occasionally changes the length of the curls. Now the singer is happy with how she looks, and ironically recalls her youthful images.

“How did my mom let me do all this? At the age of 15, I got myself a perm. It was very fashionable. They put on makeup at the disco, they made arrows with eyeliner. I looked at the photographs of those years and asked my mother: “Why didn’t you tell me anything? I walked like a scarecrow!” Everyone had to go through this period”, — shared the ex-wife of producer Alexander Shulgin.

The artist also spoke about her 28-year-old daughter Anna, who performs under the pseudonym Shena. Valeria regrets that in the past she sent the girl to study in Switzerland for a whole year. Now the mother of many children understands that it was a mistake. “We did not realize that she was practically alone there.“, – said the performer of the hit “Oceans” in an interview with “7 Days”.

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