Apr 18, 2021
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Singer Tim Belorusskikh said that he has a five-year-old daughter

A popular singer recently convicted of drug acquisition decided to “declassify” the fact that he has a child.

Singer Tim Belorusskikh said that he has a five-year-old daughter

The image of the careless little boy who suffers from unrequited love is now shattered. The popular singer Tim Belorussky confessed that for five years now he has been portraying a charming baby batey. He wrote about this on his Instagram on the night of April 17.

“Let’s start with the fact that I’m a dad. Not the one that your idolized rappers tell you about, but a real dad, who has a magnificent daughter, who, by the way, is already 5 years old, ”Tim writes on her page.

The pop singer said that he hid the fact of paternity in order to match the stage image, insisting that he is still a “carefree person.”

Tim also commented on his detention for possession of illegal drugs. He called it “mask show” when law enforcement officers screechingly laid him on the void.

“I am a similar person, like millions of others, with my own vision of life, with my flaws and certainly harmful habits,” the singer hammered in his behavior.

According to Belorusskikh, his fans support him in “difficult times of life.” He thanked them for this and asked them to take care of themselves and those close to them.

“To live soberly and consciously is the most important feeling! I hope that my example will be a trigger in order to change the lives of people who are in poverty! ”, Concluded Tim.

We will remind, Tima Belorusskikh was sentenced to restraint of freedom for a period of two years for the purchase of drugs. He admitted guilt and, as if another confirmed in his post, he regrets and encourages everyone to lead a sober lifestyle.

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