Oct 14, 2020
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Singer Sia spoke about her adopted children and admitted that she wants to become a mother again

Singer Sia spoke about her adopted children and admitted that she wants to become a mother again

Singer Sia

Sia, a 44-year-old singer who adopted two teenagers (Desani and Che) earlier this year, spoke to InStyle about parenting. Several years ago, the star saw a documentary about the orphan Desani and it was then that she realized that she wanted to become a mother. When Desani was young, the father brutally killed the mother in front of the child. After that, he was adopted by a distant relative, who throughout his childhood mocked and beat him. The child was taken to an orphanage, where he was supposed to stay until now. But Sia saved Desani from such a life by adopting him.

Singer Sia

In an interview, the performer said that the adoption of children changed her in every sense.

I have learned to be patient and compassionate. I've learned to set strict boundaries. I realized that as a single mom, I needed a great support system so that I could ask questions about what is normal and what is not. I learned what it means to love another person unconditionally

- Sia admitted.

I have already started thinking about adopting more children. And I realized that this is how I was supposed to become a mother,

She added.

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter said she tries not to spoil both of her 19-year-old sons.

Singer Sia

I could be one of those parents who would say, "I'm a rich pop star. You guys can get $ 100,000 a year for the rest of your life," without paying any attention to them. But I'm not that kind of person. In fact, I only give them a certain amount for food,

- said the star.

The singer of the hit Cheap Thrills said that initially, when she first adopted the boys, she did not show such restraint.

Singer Sia

Of course, when I first adopted them, I bought them everything. But more importantly, I wanted to spend a lot of time with them to help change the conditions they grew up in and help them start living a life that they never need to be ashamed of.

- added Sia.

When I adopted the first child I saw on TV, the only thing he asked was if he could also bring his cousin Che, who lived with him in the hostel. I had two spare bedrooms, so I said, "Of course!" And although I had never seen Che before, he also moved in with me that evening. Later I found out that they were not really cousins, but just friends. But I didn't care. I felt so happy that they were both with me. Then I realized that Che should be my son too,

- shared the artist.

Singer Sia

In July, the star said that she became a grandmother. Her youngest son had two sons. The singer did not give the names of her grandchildren and announced that she would not publish their photos on social networks.

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