Apr 9, 2021
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Singer Shura: I’ve been walking for a year without teeth and can’t eat anything

The popular Russian pop singer Shura threw down 40 kg and this shocked his sighs. Not so long ago, he said that he had lost a lot of weight due to the inability to chew food normally.

Singer Shura: I've been walking for a year without teeth and can't eat anything

The singer’s health condition causes countless demands due to the results of his screeching weight loss shown in social networks. At the moment, the celebrity weighs about 70 kilograms. Shura had a similar weight in the 90s, when he just started his career.

It turned out that the fault of such global changes does not lie in sports and a strong lifestyle. Shura said that he had major health problems. The singer, who twice moved the cancer, did not lose his dentures so long ago that they were poorly installed. Actually, therefore, now he has infant food, cereals and yogurt and cannot chew solid food.

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The doctors promised him that in the shortest month they would install him nice prostheses. Shura admitted that as if the problem with his teeth would be solved, he would go to a restaurant and order himself different meat dishes.

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