Jun 4, 2022
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Singer Nyusha showed her imperfect figure in a bikini


Singer Nyusha shared a photo with a baby in her arms.

Not all stars are ready to show their figure without embellishment, especially a few months after giving birth.

Singer Nyusha became a mother for the second time in December last year, having given birth to a boy. Recall that she and her husband Igor Sivov already had a daughter, Simba, at that time.

At the moment, the star family lives in Dubai. Nyusha explained that her husband is doing business abroad and this is vital for him.

Nyusha in bikini
Nyusha in bikini

However, being an artist and her family in the Emirates is more like a vacation than a normal working life abroad. The star spends a lot of time with children on the beach and by the pool. And now she decided to show her body in a bikini the way it is, without processing.

Note that Nyusha in Dubai, in addition to her husband, is also accompanied by her mother, who helps her in raising children. The day before, she taught her granddaughter to swim, and her grandson to stay on the water in an inflatable ring.

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