Oct 15, 2021
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Singer Nyusha reflects on the name of the second child


Singer Nyusha again decided to give an unusual name to the child.

The performer of the hit “Memories” is happily married to businessman Igor Sivov. The couple are raising their daughter Simba. In November, the girl will be three years old. Members of the star family arranged a baby shower to find out the gender of the unborn child. It turned out that Nyusha and Igor were expecting a boy.

The 31-year-old actress promised to name her second child no less brightly than her daughter. Now the singer has a difficult choice. “Should there be Pumbaa? πŸ˜‚ I have no idea what name is waiting for the baby … To be honest, we have not even thought about it yet. And you have already offered me a bunch of options“, – noted Nyusha. She gave her daughter a double name – Seraphima-Simba. The actress and her husband name the girl in the character of the Disney cartoon “The Lion King”. The picture was released in 1994.


Pumbaa is a warthog character in the animated series Timon and Pumbaa, a spin-off of The Lion King. The boar and the meerkat find themselves in different situations, maintaining a strong friendship. The first series of the project was released in 1995.

Fans left compliments for the family and suggested their own name options for the boy. “What a miracle you are”, “Timon”, “Mufasa, why waste time on trifles”, “Nila”, “Eldar is a good name”, “Name it after your father”, “Nyusha, how do you walk in heels during such a period?” , “Arseny or Maxim”, “Oleg! Nobody calls it that way ”,β€œ Better be King Arthur ”,β€œ In general, the first week of my life, my child lived without a name. I could not decide in any way ”,β€œ What a big hand your husband has ”,β€œ Great sense of humor! ”,β€œ Let the little ones be Pumbaa! ”,β€œ Human name, ”the followers said.

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