Jan 25, 2021
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Singer Nastya Kamenskikh announced the death of her father

16:37, 25.01.2021

The artist addressed with warm words to her loved one.

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33-year-old Nastya Kamenskikh lost her father on January 25. He was 82 years old. About the causes of death Alexey Zhmur the singer did not tell. In memory of her loved one, the artist published a family video that was filmed on New Year’s Eve.

“I am loved by dads … I have always been loved by you, and now by my husband! I remember that love is the most important thing! You taught me how to love and I will teach my children! Thanks for being my dad! The kindest, most cheerful, caring, interesting, intelligent, wise and strong! Please come to me more often in dreams. I love you, dad! ” – the artist wrote a touching message to her father in her microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Nastya Kamensky with her father

Condolences to Nastya were expressed by her husband Alexei Potapenko, known under the stage name Potap, as well as the singer Alsou, TV presenter Andrei Bednyakov. Note that the father of the Kamenskikh in his youth was the captain of the Dynamo national volleyball team. After the end of his sports career, he changed his occupation. Zhmur became the concert director of the National Honored Academic Folk Choir of Ukraine named after I. Ropes. By the way, Nastya’s mother was the singer in this collective, Lydia Kamenskikh

Nastya’s parents spared no effort and money, investing them in her upbringing. So, the future pop star left for France at the age of five on an exchange program. And a year later, in the same way, she went to Italy. There Kamenskikh learned the language, went to school and lived in the country for seven years. After returning to her native Ukraine, she studied at the Pechersk gymnasium. In parallel with this, she attended a music school, piano class. Nastya began her singing career in 2004, when she performed at the Black Sea Games festival. And two years later, the artist became a member of the duet “Potap and Nastya”… The group was very popular. But in 2017, Nastya decided to start a solo career, and the team ceased to exist.

Video for the song “Not a couple” by the group “Potap and Nastya”

However, Potap and Nastya not only continued their cooperation, but also declassified their romantic relationship, rumors about which had long been circulating in the secular party. If you believe them, the romance of the artists began back in 2012. Later Potapenko said that the decision to hide his affair with Kamensky was not easy for them. When they went public with their relationship, the producer was finally able to breathe easy. “It was very difficult for me, as a man, to tell the whole world about who she is, that I love her so much,” the musician and producer shared. The couple officially got married in 2019. By the way, Nastya’s father was also at the celebration. As it turned out, two years before the official wedding in Kiev, the couple played it in Las Vegas.

Wedding of Alexey Potapenko and Nastya Kamensky in Las Vegas

Note that for Alexei Potapenko, this marriage was the second. Previously, he was officially married for 14 years to Irina Gorovoy… In 2008, their son Andrei was born. But for Nastya, this marriage was the first. The spouses do not hide their tender feelings for each other. “Lesha! Bear, my bear! My most beloved and dear person! Every morning I wake up with a feeling of endless gratitude that I can hug, kiss and love you and be just by my side! ” – wrote Nastya in her microblog on Instagram.

Wedding of Alexei Potapenko and Nastya Kamensky in Kiev

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