Dec 27, 2020
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Singer Monetochka played a secret wedding

Coin played a secret wedding

Singer Monetochka (Elizaveta Gyrdymova) announced that she was married.

Two months ago, singer Elizaveta Gyrdymova, acting under the pseudonym Monetochka, admitted that she is in a relationship with musician Viktor Isaev. Today, the singer married her lover. The performer accepts congratulations from friends and fans.

22-year-old Lisa Monetochka told the fans the good news. In her personal blog, the singer posted a photo showing her wedding ring. “I got married today“, – the artist signed the publication.

Coin got married
Coin got married

Netizens bombarded the star with congratulations. They wished Lisa a happy family life. “Very unexpected! Well-being and love! ”; “Wow, what great news! Congratulations!”; “You can see the hands of the musicians! Take care of each other“, – the subscribers reacted.

Little is known about the singer’s beloved – he is 33 years old and he performs under the pseudonym BTsH. Liza and Victor now live in Sochi.

I used to often come to Sochi to be alone. For me, this is a place of power. The Internet does not work well here in places. And I thought, since I like it here so much, why not invest all my savings here? My house cost me less than regular houses. We bought a little old house. There, neighbors have such luxurious houses made of some kind of timber, everything is so beautiful. And mine was standing there such a funny little fool. Therefore it was not very expensive. But my dad and I immediately made repairs, it turned out nice“, – Monetochka shared the details earlier.

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