Dec 29, 2020
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Singer Monetochka decided to talk about her husband

Singer Monetochka decided to talk about her husband

The 22-year-old singer Monetochka recently got married.

The artist leads a closed lifestyle and does not talk about her personal life. Only this fall did Monetochka stop hiding that she was in love. She confirmed that she has been dating Victor for a long time. He helped her with the recording of the “Coloring Pages for Adults” album, released two years ago. It was after the release of this disc that Monetochka became a star.

The singer did not disclose the details of the wedding celebration. She just shared a snapshot of a man’s and a woman’s hand holding wedding rings. “Today I got married,” she said the day before. But today Lisa decided to open the veil of secrecy over her personal life and admitted that everyone was wrong about her husband.

Guys, since there is so much talk about our wedding, I wanted to clarify one detail. Everywhere they write that I married my producer, but the fact is that Vitya is not my producer, and never promoted artists in this sense at all. He is a composer, musician. I’m a poet“, – admitted Monetochka.

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She explained that Victor is responsible for the musical component of her work, but nothing more. “We are co-authors, partners, fellow tribesmen … and now we are also spouses, but not a singer and producer. Although I don’t feel any hate for such couples, I just wanted to correct a nuance that had cut my ear for a long time“, – said the performer. She shared a gentle shot with Viktor, taken during a Moscow concert. The singer sits on the floor on the stage, and her husband looks at her with indescribable trepidation.

Fans of the artist did not miss the opportunity to congratulate their favorite. “Liza, a wonderful couple, a talented union “,” Congratulations! You are so cool, happiness to you “,” Guys! Heartiest congratulations! You are wonderful “,” Liza, I congratulate you! What’s the difference what you have signed, the meaning is only in love “,” You are a wonderful couple, I congratulate you “,” Who cares who is the producer, the main thing is love!“- wrote the followers.

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