Aug 18, 2022
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Singer Monetochka became a mother for the first time


Singer Monetochka shared a joyful event.

Today it became known that Monetochka gave birth to a daughter. This is the first child for the star and her husband, sound producer Vitya Isaev. The artist announced the happy event on social networks.

Monetochka left Russia with her husband because of her political position. The 24-year-old singer hastily packed her things and was pretty worried about the move, as she was already in a position. “We didn’t have time to choose. We just asked our friends, acquaintances, they offered to help. And we agreed on a whim. At that time they did not know anything about Lithuania. I have never been here. But Lithuania turned out to be a wonderful and very friendly country.”, she commented on her departure in the YouTube show “What about talking?”.

She passed the last months of pregnancy calmly and only shared how she was looking forward to the birth of the baby. And today Lisa (real name of the artist – approx. finally announced that she had become a mother and received hundreds of congratulations from followers.

Monetochka - photo from the archive -
Monetochka – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

By the way, the performer was still worried about the period after the birth of her daughter. “Like many pregnant girls, I can’t help but surf women’s forums for answers to my questions about motherhood. I’ll tell you honestly, the comments of women on the Internet surprised me with their cruelty, and the requirements for a new mother – impracticability, and from all sides everyone demands different things from her. Postpartum depression for many still either does not exist, or is a sign of infantility, unpreparedness for their role, as if this crazy waltz of hormones is very easy to tame and adjust to your needs.”, the artist wrote on her personal blog.

However, she is sure that her 34-year-old husband, who also really wanted a joint child, will provide all the necessary support. “I knew that Lisa wanted children. She told about this at our first meeting, when we were going to just make a song. But I also knew that I wanted children with her. Some personal situations developed in such a way that it was a good moment to turn them on. There is no point in dragging on, because, perhaps, no one will get better in terms of the situation. And if we want, then we must now“, – said Isaev.

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