Jan 29, 2021
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Singer MakSim announced the recovery of her father, who was sick with cancer

18:05, 01/29/2021

The artist’s dad was struggling with the fourth stage of oncology.

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In 2018, it became known that the father of Marina Abrosimova, known as the singer MakSim, has been struggling with oncology for a long time. The artist herself reported the serious illness of a relative. However, the singer did not give any more comments and did not talk about her father’s oncology earlier. The singer only called on everyone to love their parents and appreciate every moment of life. Three years have passed since that moment, and only today Marina spoke again about her dad.

So, in her microblog on Instagram, Marina announced the recovery of a relative. “Dad is fine, he was able to overcome this serious illness. To those who encountered, I want to wish good luck. Everything is possible and everything will work out, hold on, ”the singer shared the good news.

It should be noted that the father of Marina Abrosimova had the fourth stage of cancer: “Don’t let me out. 4 stage of oncology. 18 courses of chemotherapy. 27 courses of radiation. Another 9 – the brain. It seems like everything … Daddy, how glad I am that we all went through it !!! There was no one left in the ward except Sergei Orefievich, my dad … No power can be controlled here, only God! ”- wrote Marina in 2018 in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are unchanged. – Prim. line.).

Singer MakSim

Marina rarely talks about her father. It is only known that he worked as an auto mechanic in Kazan. The artist does not like to talk about her personal life at all. Recall that in 2008 she married a sound engineer Alexey Lugovtsov and a year later gave birth to a daughter from him Alexandru… In 2011, the marriage broke up. In 2014 MakSim gave birth to her second daughter Mary from a businessman Anton Petrova… The lovers parted less than a year later.

We add that in November 2020 Marina became a guest of Boris Korchevnikov’s show “The Fate of a Man”. This was her first interview after disappearing from the stage. The artist said that there were good reasons for this, among which was a long rehabilitation after an accident, which she got into in 2019. In addition, the pop star shared that she was recovering from another shock. The singer was supposed to become a mother for the third time, but lost her child in late pregnancy. Because of this, she started having problems with alcohol and mental health.

MakSim in the show “Fate of a Man”

MakSim then admitted that she began to lose peace of mind and commit reckless acts. So, for example, the artist was really going to marry one fan who proposed to her. At the same time, the singer then already had a lover, from whom she had to give birth to a child. “There was a stormy relationship with my boyfriend then. I could agree to marry a fan and even accepted the ring. He realized that my roof was going, and I could break off and leave. He hired a guard for me and took me far away. For almost a year. I sat in isolation with psychologists and played sports for four hours every day. At first there were no telephones, I could only go to church for confession, ”the singer admitted.

MakSim also noted that she was very grateful to her lover for the fact that he literally saved. Although at first the artist staged a riot for the chosen one and desperately resisted. The singer added that her boyfriend has repeatedly proved that he is someone you can rely on. So, the star remembered that during the period of acute depression she threw away all her awards for sports achievements – MakSim was engaged in boxing and karate in childhood and adolescence. And her lover found them, kept them and after moving to a new apartment put them in a prominent place. However, the singer did not disclose the identity of the chosen one, adding that he was in business, and publicity could hinder him.

MakSim with a young man, whose name he does not name

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