Dec 29, 2020
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Singer Julian commented on the complaints of “needy” colleagues

Yulina referred to the complaints of her “impoverished” colleagues as rubbish. The artist recalled that most of the Russian stars are very comfortable people

Singer Julian commented on the complaints of

As if most of the stars of Russian show business, 47-year-old singer Yulian has not been able to replenish his own budget through performances since March 2020.

The honored artist of the Russian Federation admitted that he had to close his own Internet radio station, broadcasting since 2006.

Despite the difficulties, the performer continues to look at life positively. At the same time, Julian categorically does not support the complaints of colleagues about the lack of money and calls such behavior shameful.

According to the singer, read all astral “mourners” are portrayed as comfortable people, which have substantial savings in bank accounts and real estate abroad.

“All their words are an absolute shame, it causes all the mockery of ordinary people,” – said Yulian in the tary-bar-rasta-bar with the “Interlocutor”.

He suggested that the “impoverished” artists sell their surplus yacht or summer cottage, as well as open a business.

“Do not disgrace yourself with stories that you have no money,” stressed Julian.

The contractor added that none of his colleagues are eating “the last piece of bread.”

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