Oct 20, 2021
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Singer Jasmine stopped providing her eldest son with money


44-year-old singer Jasmine (Sara Manakhimova) left her 21-year-old son without financial support so that he could learn to make money on his own.

Singer Jasmine realized that it was time to let her son go into adulthood. The singer said that she wants the best for 21-year-old Mikhail, so she stopped giving him money. This should stimulate him to start earning millions of his own labor.

The artist said that until recently she gave her son about 100 thousand rubles for pocket expenses. However, with such financial support, Mikhail did not want to start building a career. Everything changed when Jasmine decided to deprive her son of “easy” money.

Jasmine with her son Mikhail
Jasmine with her son Mikhail

Until the age of 21, I gave my son a “salary” every month – 100 thousand rubles, and then I stopped it all. And now he lives on what he himself earns. He has a car, and let him provide for the rest“, – said Jasmine to

Now Mikhail works for his uncle’s company and plans to open his own business. Jasmine says that their communication with their son is not complete without quarrels. Basically, the cause of conflicts is the singer’s desire for her heir to grow up as quickly as possible and take responsibility for his life.

The singer, we recall, a few years ago found herself in a difficult situation, because her husband Ilan Shor is on the international wanted list due to charges of fraud. In 2017, Jasmine’s wife was sentenced to seven years in prison, but he never got into custody. The artist has to bring up her daughter Margarita and her youngest son, Miron, alone.

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