Jun 6, 2022
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Singer Jasmine rubs her hands against future profits due to runaway stars


Singer Jasmine spoke about emigrated celebrities.

As soon as the special operation in Ukraine began, Jasmine left for Israel with her children. The audience thought that the singer got scared and permanently moved abroad. However, the artist soon returned and now condemns those who left their native country.

Jasmine does not worry about the departure of Western brands, restaurants, as she is sure that Russian products are no worse. “I, on the contrary, am even glad, because our designers must go to the world level. After all, we deserve it. And McDonald’s… I never even went there. And I do not advise you. I crossed myself. And I think thank God“, – said the 44-year-old performer.

The singer is also calm about the departure of colleagues abroad. According to Jasmine, the more people who leave, the more vacancies and jobs. “Let them migrate. We’ll get more work. The flag in their hands, a banner on their heads” she added.

Jasmine - photo from the archive -
Jasmine – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The artist herself is not going to leave her native country, she even plans to travel around Russia. “Let’s go to Sochi. We will definitely fly somewhere with the children,” Jasmine said. “Now the children are still learning. Margarita, of course, finishes the school year earlier. But since Miron is studying at an English school, he is not free until July 1“.

By the way, after returning from Israel, Jasmine hastened to justify herself to the fans for leaving. The star said that she did not run away from Russia, but only arranged a short vacation for her family.

In Israel, there is the grave of my dad, who left us quite recently, and I still feel the need to visit him there more often. In Israel, as you all know, I have a dearly beloved grandmother, aunts, cousins, nephews, and friends. It’s no secret that my children and I love to spend part of our holidays in Israel and visit this country several times a year during school holidays. Why is there such a rush right now? There is no need to look for extra meaning in our trip. I will never be ashamed that I am from Russia“, – emphasized the performer.

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