Jan 3, 2022
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Singer Hannah made a gorgeous gift to her mother for many millions


Singer Hannah gave her mother a luxurious gift.

At the age of 30, the artist can boast of a successful career as a singer and businesswoman. Now she is engaged in the repair of an elite house, but she does not forget to please her loved ones. Yesterday, the star boasted that she had given her mother an expensive present – a Lexus car. The blonde made such a choice after learning that the parent dreams of this particular brand.

A very exciting moment. I really don’t know why I didn’t do it before. It should have been done a long time ago, but it so happened that the year was so cool and … This is a present for you for the New Year!“- said the singer, showing her mother the car.

The woman was discouraged by the luxurious surprise, and when she came to, she hugged her daughter tightly. Hannah noted that the car is the latest model. By the way, its cost starts at 5 million rubles. In addition, the newly minted Lexus owner has already hired a driver so that they do not have to deal with unnecessary hassle.

Hannah gave her mom an expensive car
Hannah gave her mom an expensive car

Waking up early on December 31st, I thought that my mother still does not have her own car and does not drive. I decided that this urgently needed to be fixed! A couple of hours later I arrived at the salon and bought a car, which my mother in my childhood did not dream of, but wanted. My mother and grandmother put in me all their time, all their strength, supported me in everything and shared all my dreams! They always believed in me, assured me that all my dreams would come true and themselves dreamed that I would grow up as a self-sufficient and strong girl! Thanks to them, I am who you know me, and I am grateful to them with all my heart and soul for that! And I will do everything so that they are always as happy as possible“, – wrote the star on her personal blog.

Fans appreciated the dedication of the performer and supported her in the comments. “What a smart girl you are. Good daughter! This is how it should be. We must make our loved ones happy! ”; “Any mother would be proud of such a wonderful daughter. You are a real and grateful daughter“, – write the fans. Some complimented Hannah’s mother, noting that she looked the same age as her: “Is that mom ?! Gorgeous! Like girlfriends“.

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