May 29, 2022
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Singer Danko spoke about sex with Vera Sotnikova


Singer Danko confessed how he lost his virginity.

Vera Sotnikova was courted by the richest and most influential men in Russia, and she unexpectedly chose a young guy whom she saw on the subway. And for two years I did not get out of bed with him.

Danko does not hide that he is still crazy about Vera Sotnikova. The 61-year-old actress has retained her appearance, grace and sexuality, which to this day delights men. And 30 years ago, being a young and successful actress, she completely turned his head.

At that time, Vera was 28 years old, and Danko … only 19. They met in the subway, the artist herself took the first step and asked him for a phone number. The inexperienced young man could not resist the beauty. For two years they lived in a communal apartment and did not get out of bed. “Yes, she was my first“, – said the musician, talking about Sotnikova in the announcement of the show “Secret for a Million” on the NTV channel.

Singer Danko
Singer Danko

The performer of the hit “Your Baby” took their breakup hard, although now he understands that it was the right decision that helped them move on and achieve great success in their careers. “She became my first love! Faith taught me nothing, we just lived and enjoyed ourselves. Sex with her was the best in my life!“- the singer confesses.

Note that Danko also had an affair with Alisa Khazanova. The legendary comedian’s daughter brought home an aspiring ballet dancer and said she would live with them. Gennady Viktorovich and his wife Zlata took this news with hostility, because at that time Danko could not provide for his family. Under pressure from her parents, Alice gave up.

The singer did not marry Natalia Ustyumenko, with whom he lived in a civil marriage for more than 17 years. They had two children, but the lovers could not seal the union. After parting, their relationship did not work out. About why this happened, the performer will tell Lera Kudryavtseva on the air of the show “Secret for a Million” on the NTV channel.

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