Jun 8, 2022
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Singer Danko counted gays in Russian show business

Alexander Fadeev, known as the singer Danko, has recently appeared on various talk shows more often than at concerts, but, nevertheless, he knows what is happening in show business.

The other day, while talking with KP journalists, the conversation turned to the topic of gays and Danko, without hesitation, declared that 90% of everything on the stage is now occupied by people of non-traditional sexual orientation. True, he did not name names, but only mentioned Nikolai Tsiskaridze, who took the place of another gay man who left for Israel on Channel One.

Alexander remembered his ballet youth and said that many years ago they laughed at Tsiskaridze, looking at his women’s accessories. In addition, Danko is sure that without gay patronage, Nikolai would not have reached such heights.

Singer Danko counted gays in Russian show business

We will not belittle Tsiskaridze’s talents as a ballet dancer, but the fact that he got on TV “by pull” is unequivocal.

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