Oct 14, 2021
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Singer Bianca first commented on rumors of an affair with rapper Serega

Popular singer Bianca commented on rumors of an affair with rapper Serega, who helped her build a career many years ago. The artist noted that they were never connected by anything other than friendship and work.

The artist is sincerely perplexed where the rumors about their relationship could have come from. In an interview with journalist Alena Zhigalova, she admitted that she was not attracted by either Seryoga’s appearance or his manner of speaking.

“There was no romance. Honestly. I can’t understand at all why everyone thinks that between him and me … You’ve seen him in life, have you seen how he communicates? Do you imagine that we would be together with him? ” – said the singer sharply.

Bianca also explained that rumors that for the sake of the rapper she refused to participate in the Eurovision song contest also do not make any sense. According to her, in 2004 she was invited to the selection, but failed, taking tenth place. At that time, the Belarusian singer Stas Satsura called the artist, offering to work together.

“Satsura called me and said: do you want to sing beki to one of your comrades for such and such a fee? Naturally, I chose to go. We went on tour for a year. We got a lot of experience from each other, ”said the artist in the YouTube show“ Alena, damn it! ”.

Earlier in an interview, the performer spoke about a difficult childhood. The star still harbors a grudge against her older brother, who did not protect her from her drunken father.

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