Nov 26, 2021
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Singer Aziza said she was mired in debt


Singer Aziza admitted that she has no money, but only one debt.

The artist’s marriage has been haunted by fans for several months. The young husband of the star evokes strange emotions: they say that he is not a businessman and got married only because he wants to take possession of the artist’s property.

The ’90s superstar revived her career in the 2010s and recently took part in The Mask Show, which added to her popularity. Aziza gives concerts all over the country and makes decent money. But very little is known about her young husband: he moved with his family to Italy, where he has several restaurants.

True, he cannot be called rich. Alessandro is now in Russia and is managing a business project. “But what – I will not say, because I am not obliged to report to you“, – said Lorte on the air of the show” Let them talk “on Channel One.


At the same time, he is constantly accused of commercialism and almost openly say that the man married Aziza because of money. The singer doesn’t like such words, so she fiercely defends her husband and explains how to be in this situation. “I know very well the man I married. I don’t have millions, I have only debts“, – says the artist during the show.

Indeed, recently there was information on the Web that Aziza had a loan debt that exceeded one million rubles. The bailiffs have already blacklisted the 57-year-old star, which prevents her from traveling around the world.

It is interesting that Lorte and the singer, despite financial difficulties, are thinking about becoming parents. Initially, they wanted to find a donor in Russia, but then Alessandro invited his friends in Italy. As a result, they refused, so now the couple is trying with all their might to find an opportunity to fulfill the dream.

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