Jan 6, 2022
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Singer Anna Kalashnikova broke off a two-year relationship with her fiancé

Singer Anna Kalashnikova admitted that she began the new year with parting. The artist spoke about her experiences and turned to the ex-chosen one with wishes.

The news of Anna Kalashnikova’s separation from businessman Ivan Semyonov after two years of relationship was unexpected, because until recently the artist was thinking about surrogacy. However, the new year began for the star with a difficult test. Kalashnikova published a post on Instagram, where she admitted that she broke up with her lover.

“Ivan and I are no longer a couple. I say thank you to all the good things that have been between us for two years and almost a month. I release everything bad into space. I hope the new year will not have so many tears and disappointment. I am strong, I can handle it. I wish both of us to find our happiness, ”said the singer.

According to Kalashnikova, she predicted fate in her own song. Judging by the hint of the star, Semyonov was not faithful to the chosen one, as stated in the text of the track.

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