Jun 3, 2022
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Singer Anastasia is furious that she was left without a pension


Singer Anastasia told how she was bullied in the pension fund.

The artist devoted her whole life to a singing career. However, in old age, she risks being left without a livelihood. The star is indignant: she was denied pension accruals.

56-year-old Anastasia is about to retire. The artist prepared all the necessary paperwork to receive payments, but she was refused by the Pension Fund. The performer is unpleasantly surprised by the current situation, because she has a decent work experience – more than ten years.

They are just mocking me! They took and stole my pension, to say the least! I’ve been working all my life! Not a single day of rest! I have enough experience, even in excess! I worked in many theaters: in the Durov Animal Theater, in the Moscow Drama Theater. It’s even on Wikipedia! She studied at the Shchukin School – this is also included in the experience. Plus I’m a member of the Union of Writers. In addition, I constantly tour without stopping. And from each concert there are deductions to the Pension Fund“, – the artist is indignant.

Singer Anastasia with her ex-husband - photo from the archive -
Singer Anastasia with her ex-husband – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Anastasia assures: her work book burned down during a fire. “In the Pension Fund, they clung to this! They say that archives have not been preserved in theaters! What is happening now is simply rude! So no one has humiliated me yet, ”the performer complains.

The singer intends to seek payments with the help of lawyers. The star of the 90s hopes for at least a minimum pension. After all, behind her shoulders are not only commercial concerts, but charity performances for the military and doctors.

I have a huge number of letters and thanks: they can paste over the whole room instead of wallpaper!“- says Anastasia” PRO Stars “.

Recall that the artist really survived the fire in 2014. Her spacious house was set on fire by a pyromaniac intruder. Damage totaled $1.5 million. “I was standing in my pajamas in the snow, everything around me was on fire. It was a terrible feeling, you wouldn’t wish it on your enemy, ”the victim said then.

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