May 13, 2020
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Singer Alyosha misses school during quarantine

Ukrainian singer Alyosha on Instagram posted a drawing of her son, which depicts a forest school.

"The children missed the school very much. They even draw it in different interpretations. And how parents miss their children’s school, it is!" - the singer wrote.

Alyosha and her husband, frontman of the Ukrainian group "Antitila" Taras Topol raise two sons - Roman (2013) and Mark (550). 22 April couple said that they will soon become parents with many children.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine was introduced in Ukraine March). 11 On May, the first stage of lifting restrictions began.

The second stage will be launched from 18 - May), provided that the percentage of detected cases of infection among the tested will decrease.

At the second stage, the resumption of the educational process for school graduates and preparation for the UPE are supposed. The educational process in schools will resume from September 1.

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