Mar 31, 2021
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Singer Alexa spoke about the upcoming birth

Recently, singer Alexa has publicly announced her pregnancy. Alkaya rumors about this have been circulating for several months.

Singer Alexa spoke about the upcoming birth

Now the artist decided to tell the sighters about the upcoming birth. According to her, her husband Vyacheslav Daichev will support her at the most crucial moment.

“This is an unusual and long-awaited moment for us, and I am very glad that the adored will be near!”, – wrote the star in her Instagram account.

Alexa also told subscribers that she had already started a baby cot and a stroller. At the same time, the celebrity did not disclose the hollow of the future child.

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Recall that the 26-year-old fitness trainer Vyacheslav Daichev became the chosen one of Alexa. Unlike his beloved, for him this is already another brainchild. The son’s uncle got rid of Alexander Sivkov, from whom he retired when she was still belly.

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