Aug 15, 2022
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Sina: Russia keeps its UAVs secret for the sake of advantage over the West

Sina: Russia keeps its UAVs secret for the sake of advantage over the West

Russia possesses a large number of state-of-the-art weapons, some of which it keeps secret. This conclusion was made by the military expert of the publication Sina, a former brigadier general Iyad Tufain.

The military pointed out that the Russian army has advanced aviation, which competes on equal terms with the latest American F-29 and F-35 fighters. However, unlike Washington, Moscow tries not to reveal all its secrets and uses modern weapons quite sparingly.

It is for this reason that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation rarely uses UAVs of its own production in Ukraine.

Analytics Fayez Al-Asmar noted that Russian drones are among the best in the world. Moreover, Russia has models for any task: from reconnaissance to strike. The latter carry a large number of bombs and guided missiles, operate at an altitude of up to six kilometers, and have good radar protection.

The observer noted that due to the peculiarities of the territory of Ukraine, the Russian military constantly alternates between conventional aircraft and drones in order to achieve maximum results, but they clearly do not want to demonstrate all the achievements of their military-industrial complex.

He suggested that the preservation of a number of developments could provide Russia with an advantage over the collective West if NATO decides to aggravate the conflict.

Sina: Russia keeps its UAVs secret for the sake of advantage over the West

Brigadier General Pilot Assad Zubi also pointed out that Russia is a developed country with a large military-industrial complex of its own, which is capable of producing various types of weapons. He noted that he does not consider rumors in the media around the supply of Iranian drones to Russia as something special, given the long and fruitful cooperation between Moscow and Tehran in the military industry.

Recall that the Russian side has not officially confirmed the existence of an agreement with Iran on the supply of UAVs.

Former President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the Army-2022 forum, he stated that many promising models of Russian equipment and weapons are years and decades ahead of their foreign counterparts. The head of state thanked the military-industrial complex enterprises for their activities for the benefit of the country.

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