Apr 17, 2021
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Simple gymnastics for the elderly

Simple gymnastics for the elderly

People who reach old age are very familiar with the problem of stiffness of the joints of the legs, when unpleasant painful sensations hinder movement and do not allow them to move calmly.

This problem is most common among older people as a result of a variety of reasons. The main one is the weakening of immunity with age, which leads to serious illness and injury.

Few people know, but if done correctly, simple gymnastics will help bring joints back to normal and quickly put those who suffer from this ailment on their feet.

We have prepared a set of exercises with which you will forget about joint stiffness. To exercise, you will need a mat, bolster or hard pillow and a couple of fitness bricks, so be sure to prepare them ahead of time.

A set of exercises

Sit on the mat with your legs extended forward. If in this position the lower back is strongly rounded and the body leans back, then you need to sit on an elevation. Begin to alternately pull your toes away from you, as if holding a pencil, and then pull your fingers towards you, while pushing the pad under your thumb away from you. Try to keep your legs straight.

Then we move on to the feet. Pull them towards you and away from you, trying to touch the tips of your thumbs to the floor. It is desirable that at the same time both the back and the legs remain straight, but if it is still difficult to keep the legs perfectly straight, it is not scary, the priority is always behind the back.

Bend your leg and place your ankle on your thigh. If at the same time the knee of the bent leg is lifted high and there is tension, sit on a roller or even on a chair. It is important that this position is comfortable and does not cause knee discomfort.

Then take your foot with your hand and try to separate your thumb from the rest. Pull it to the side, trying to place your fingers between your big toe and the rest. Hold the foot in this way and rotate the foot with your hand 10 times in each direction, after changing the leg and repeat the exercise. Continue pulling your thumb to the side as you rotate.

Next, sit down and stretch your legs forward. Bend one leg and grab yourself under the knee. At the same time, draw in your lower back and try to keep your back straight. The bent leg is in the air. From this position, straighten your leg as completely as possible. At the moment of straightening, pull up your knee and thigh muscles and then return to the starting position.

Sit in vajrasana. If you still can’t sit on your feet, then put a brick or two under the pelvis to make the pose comfortable. In this position, try to lift your toes and feet off the floor. Activate the muscles of the foot to pull the toes and foot upward, think about this movement, even if it doesn’t work out yet.

If you managed to raise your feet, then grab them with your hands as far as possible, and then relax your feet and stretch your whole body forward. Return to the starting position and place your hands in front of you, transferring weight to them. Pushing off with your hands, raise your knees and roll in your footsteps.

Stand on your toes. Supporting yourself with your hands, lower your heels to the floor, and then understand them up, trying to place your foot perpendicular to the floor. Repeat 10 times. Continuing to stand on your toes, lower your knees to the floor and push them forward as far as possible. Stay in this position for 10-20 seconds and then release your toes.

Then, from a sitting position, stretch your leg up and straighten completely, pulling up the knee. Repeat the procedure with the other leg. You can simply stretch your legs in front of you in a sitting position and tighten your thigh muscles for a few seconds.

Complete the gymnastics with the butterfly pose. Place your feet together, but try to open them like a book, spreading the inner sides of the feet to the sides. Alternate leg swings and holds. Do a few swings, trying to bring your hips closer to the floor, then stop and use the strength of your muscles to pull your hips towards the floor for a few seconds.

Perform each exercise 10 times in both directions and end the workout with a short relaxation while lying on your back.

Despite the apparent simplicity, these movements are very effective. With regular performance of such exercises, you can significantly improve the mobility of your joints and the elasticity of your muscles.

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