Jul 30, 2022
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Simple exercises to reduce stress (video)

Simple exercises to reduce stress (video)

We bring to your attention a simple complex – how to reduce stress after a hard day at work.

Stress is often accompanied by muscle tension.

Usually, when stressed, the muscles at the back of the neck, upper back, and shoulders harden. When the muscles are stretched, they begin to relax, we feel less tense, the feeling of stress decreases.

Today’s video provides exercises that would help work on these parts of our body. In addition, tense muscles during times of stress restrict our breathing, making it difficult, and this in turn can increase anxiety. To free your breath, you can perform simple breathing practices (pranoyamas), which are also given in the video.

Exercise is what the body instinctively wants to do, because during exercise, some of the chemicals that are formed during stress are burned. Well, of course, relaxed muscles are tired muscles.

Therefore, do this simple yoga complex to relax and recover after a hard day at work, or to prevent stress.

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