Aug 27, 2021
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Simple and ingenious: American expert named an amazing feature of the rocket "Zircon"

US military analyst Peter Suciu named the Zircon missile’s amazing feature. According to him, the Russians’ decision turned out to be simple and at the same time ingenious.

Everyone knows that the Zircon missile is a hypersonic weapon. This greatly puzzled American experts, since the United States simply did not have any means of protection. No missile defense system can intercept a missile if it is flying at hypersonic speed.

But many did not notice another interesting detail. The Zircon has no warhead. Suchiu drew attention to this in the material of the American edition of The National Interest. According to him, the missile is small, so it cannot afford a powerful warhead, but it does not need it. The projectile develops such an insane speed that it is capable of destroying a warship with kinetic energy alone.

The speed and power of a hypersonic missile is so significant that it can deal damage with just one kinetic strike, without even needing explosives.

– quotes the words of the expert “PolitRussia”.

Note that the West is very worried about the presence of hypersonic weapons in Russia. The fact is that the United States has spent more than one decade to deploy its missile defense system around the world. Tens of billions of dollars were spent on this. However, now it turns out that this whole vast network is absolutely useless when it comes to hypersound.

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