Apr 18, 2021
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Simoron ritual “Summon the Genie” for the fulfillment of desires

Simoron ritual

Simoron rituals stand out for their simplicity and are based on simple actions that help everyone to believe in their own strength. Thanks to an interesting ritual, the genie will come out to make fearless dreams come true.

Surely everyone has at least once heard of genies capable of fulfilling any desires. But in real life, few people believe in such miracles. Experts recommend making good use of the times, recharging yourself with a great location and trying to summon your own genie to fulfill your cherished lust. With the help of the Simoron ritual, this will be easier than ever.

In order for the Simoron ritual to take action, one must carefully prepare for it. The creative process will be fascinating and exciting, because in order for the genie to fulfill his dream, it is necessary to make an important den for him. Many have seen films and cartoons about genies living in lamps, but finding them is not easy. Those who want to fulfill their lust should not get hung up on a certain figure of the future repository of the spirit. To do this, you need to connect your imagination. It can even be a simple jar, painted or decorated with sequins, bright sequins, or other beautiful decorations. Any suitable container will serve as a starting point for the ritual, so you can fearlessly act as if your heart tells you to.

After the “lamp” for the genie is ready, you need to formulate your desire. There is no need to rush, because you need to think exactly what you need to get in the foreseeable future. This can be help in obtaining a long-awaited diploma, a new position, an expensive purchase. The main thing is not to be greedy and not try to make several desires at once. The formulated lust is written down on a beautiful piece of paper.

They put a box, jar or other container on their knees, open the lid, stroke it and urge the genie to settle in a new home, describing its advantages. Words can be anything – it is majestic to be weighty, so that the spirit cannot resist and will certainly settle in its house. After that, put any delicacy in the box, close the lid and say:

“Djinn, fulfilling lust, settle down, settle in, treat yourself to delicacies. The time will come – fulfill my desire and do not forget anything. “

The box is left alone for a couple of hours, and then rubbed from the right side, saying:

“My simple desire is to be fulfilled. (Text of desire).”

After that, a note with a desire is placed in the box, the lid is closed again and the genie is removed to a secluded point. It remains only to wait until lust becomes a reality.

Simoron rituals are a storehouse of valuable advice, which set you up for positive changes and help you live cloudlessly, one after time achieving the set rounder. Each of the rituals is the path to a happy life, not clouded by disappointments.

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