Apr 26, 2021
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Simoron ritual “Bulb”: as if to attract bright ideas

Simoron ritual

Simoron rituals help to gain confidence and bring the necessary events into life without much effort. Each of Simoron’s rituals is based on faith in the result and an optimistic attitude.

The Simoron ritual “The Light Bulb” will help you find inspiration and reveal in yourself the newfound facets of talents. Experts recommend that everyone who has faced a crisis, when ideas simply do not come to mind, should be followed through. This ritual is simple to perform, and thanks to it, it will come out to light a fire inside oneself, which will help to create and draw inspiration even from everyday things.

To carry out the ritual you will need:

paper; colored pencils, markers or paints; table lamp; an ordinary light bulb.

After everything that is necessary is concentrated, they begin to perform the ritual.

A lamp with a twisted lamp is placed on the table. A sheet of paper and the necessary drawing supplies are placed under it. The lamp is screwed in with the words:

“I ignite new ideas, I don’t sit without a devil. I begin to create, I attract happiness. “

They turn on the lamp and begin to draw an ordinary light bulb. When the drawing is ready, it is temporarily left under the lamp, and then placed in the workplace so as not to be forever without new ideas.

You can also make a light bulb from another material to create a large amulet to attract new ideas. Here the choice depends only on preferences. It can be plasticine, papier mache, beads, wax … it is only majestic to create under a switched on lamp, and then speak a drawing or craft:

“I create a generator of ideas, I am friends with my imagination. As if he will come to life in my hands, so a new idea will come. “

If there is a moment when ideas do not come to mind, they hold the amulet in their hands for some time, seeing as if a light bulb is on.

Simoron rituals can be performed whenever you want, supplement them with your deeds in order to get exactly what you need. Any ritual is based on a sincere belief that life will change for the better and positive events will certainly come to it.

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