Dec 29, 2020
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Siluanov said that oilmen are trying to “cheat” the Ministry of Finance

Anton Siluanov
Anton Siluanov

Oil companies intended to “inflate” the Ministry of Finance with an additional income tax (APT), so it was adjusted, said the head of the department Anton Siluanov.

According to him, when introducing tax changes for 2021, the Ministry of Finance proceeded from the fact that, in fact, the oilmen “fooled” the department.

And here we proceeded from a certain justice. Because on the issue of NDD, they agreed on one number <...>, but it turned out more than 200 as a result (shortfall in budget revenues. –, – he explained.

Siluanov noted that the parameters of severance tax benefits for depleted fields were also illogically formulated. Oilmen, he said, are reporting a drop in production at these projects.

Nothing. Where justice has been done, there may be a fall. But then there will be an increase where profitability is higher today, – quotes Minister of Finance RIA Novosti.

The coronavirus pandemic and the decline in oil prices in 2020 led to a deficit in the Russian budget and indicated to the government the need to revise taxes in the oil sector. Some parameters of the additional income tax were tightened, and the tax incentive for MET for depleted fields with the ability to transfer such assets to income tax was canceled. The authorities also canceled the preferential export duty for a number of projects and completely eliminated tax incentives for high-viscosity oil.

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance planned to adjust the income tax due to serious shortfalls in income following the results of the first year of this regime in the oil industry. Then the department estimated them at more than 200 billion rubles, but some oilmen did not agree with the calculation method. The Ministry of Energy, in turn, generally assessed the results of such a step as successful.

As wrote, the outgoing year was the worst for oil companies and the market over the past 10 years. Oil producers wrote off assets worth $ 145 million in the first nine months alone.


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