Sep 3, 2021
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Siluanov could not contain his emotions under Putin: "Not enough money?"

During the discussion of the development of the Far East, Minister Anton Siluanov could not contain his emotions. “Not enough money?” – this is how he reacted to the complaints of the governors when he got the floor.

At a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Far Eastern governors complained about underfunding. While they were reporting, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov tried to insert his own remark, but received the floor separately:

“If, Anton, you have something to say, please, otherwise I do not want to put you in a difficult position,” Putin said after the officials’ report.

Siluanov, who is not distinguished by excessive emotionality, this time seemed to be out of himself. And, raising his voice somewhat, he said: “There is not enough money – but there is enough money! We give more every year!”

The minister partly admitted that problems may exist, but suggested that they turn to the “cash desk” – that is, see how much money allocated for subsidies was used by the regions. According to Siluanov, the rate of disbursement of funds is low.

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