Jun 17, 2022
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Signs of depression in women that should not be ignored

Signs of depression in women that should not be ignored

Anyone who has signs of depression knows that it is more than just a long-term feeling of sadness. While sadness can indeed hurt, depression is all the more painful in the way it drains you. You may feel like a stranger to everyone, including yourself.

Women are quite prone to depression. The cause can be many factors, from heritage to environmental reasons. No matter what the reason is, you should be aware of the signs of depression.

1. Low energy

Depression can be downright debilitating. When you go through depression, you can easily feel tired, even after a night’s sleep. However, this is not surprising. Depression is stress, and it robs us of energy.

2. Unhealthy sleep

For some, depression can keep people up all night, or it can keep people in bed all day. A sign of depression in women is this inconsistency. This unhealthy sleep can cause further damage to the body.

3. Hopelessness

Feelings of hopelessness in the past, present and future are a big sign of depression in women. When a person is depressed, they think about things that are out of their control. They try not to think about these things, but it hardly works.

4. Irritability

Depression not only makes a person sad, but also makes them angry. With depression, a particularly sudden fuse can develop. You may not have wanted to lash out at the person, but the stress overwhelms you. This sign of depression can make relationships worse.

5. Eating difficulties

Just as with sleep, eating habits can change during depression. Some find food to fill some void, while others have no desire to eat anything. Depression in women can bring down eating habits

6. Loss of interest

A big sign of depression is when the things you used to care about don’t interest you anymore. Previously enjoyable activities, such as art or sex, can become mundane and difficult. This is a sign of depression in women that is especially difficult to deal with, as many may worry that they have lost the love of their passions forever.

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