Oct 19, 2020
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Signs and superstitions about numbers

Signs and superstitions about numbers

Since ancient times, people have believed that numbers contain powerful force and energy. There are many signs and superstitions about numbers. The experts spoke about the most important of them.

By numbers, you can know the future. To do this, you can use a simple fortune-telling by numbers. Sometimes they themselves tell us what awaits us. Watch out for signs of destiny so you don't miss out on your luck.

In China, this number makes people terrified. There are no fourth floors, and everything associated with this number is terrible and dangerous. The words "four" and "death" in Chinese are very similar in pronunciation.

The observations of Western experts show that this number is absolutely harmless. Try not to think badly about it, because it does not carry negative energy in itself.

The most famous of all signs concerns Friday 13. Because of it, this number is considered one of the most dangerous. Since ancient times, people have tried in every possible way to avoid it. Until now, many people do not like to live on the 13th floor, in the 13th apartment, in the 13th house.

If you live in an apartment or house with this number, then experts advise to cleanse the house of negative energy. Also, in such a house, it is desirable to maintain cleanliness more often, then everything will be in perfect order.

For example, on car number 111 or 222, on hours 11:11 or 22:22. We see numbers all the time, but if there are duplicate numbers, that's a good sign.

Units - to the meeting; Twos - to insight; Threes and Sevens - good luck; Fours - to a good mood; Fives - to success in love; Sixes - to success in work; Eights - to success in the financial sector; Nines - to the successful completion of affairs.

Be careful, look both ways and watch for such numbers appear. According to signs, they can suggest the best path in life, be angelic tips.

We are talking about 01.01, 10.10, 04.04, 12.12, 11.11 and so on. All such dates are days of power. Experts recommend making wishes on such days, starting new businesses, and making purchases.

Try not to get discouraged on mirrored dates and don't stop on the way to your dream. It is very good if any of these days is your birthday, wedding date. It is believed that this is a great luck and happiness.

Be observant and remember that any negative signs can be neutralized. Your life and your future are always in your hands. Stay true to optimism and believe in yourself.

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