Apr 25, 2022
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Signs a man is no longer loving you

Signs a man is no longer loving you

Surely, after parting with a loved one (this applies more to the female half), many begin to think, where was the mistake made when the moment came after which the countdown began? Love doesn’t die right away. Gradually. With every reproach that did not have to be made, with every gesture of indifference, with every mockery. With every minute lived out of habit. And in relation to men, you can clearly see when their feelings begin to fade.

1. He stops talking

One of the early signs of a cooling relationship is silence. When you have nothing to say to each other at breakfast. Communication in this case becomes a heavy burden. He does not want to believe what is going on in his soul, it is not interesting to hear about her affairs and problems.

2. He stopped doing things

Any normal man, when he loves a woman, tries to impress her. To behave like a gentleman, to please her, in principle to do something for her. If love leaves, then these things evaporate with it.

3. He doesn’t have time for you.

Bad. Very bad. As they say, if he wants, he will find a reason, if he doesn’t want, he will find a reason. A man always has time and energy for his beloved woman. Even if there is nowhere to take them. My grandmother told me that my grandfather went to her after a full shift at the factory and evening studies. Gathered and walked. Love is the ability to sacrifice something for the sake of another. And if you do not want to sacrifice anything, then this is parasitism.

4. He flares up for no reason

A man cannot be seriously angry with the woman he loves. He may argue, but he won’t yell or be outright angry. And undisguised anger is not a good sign at all.

5. Closed door

If earlier the doors of his life were always open, now he lets you into his world with noticeable tension and reluctance, hides something, does not make contact and does not speak frankly about his thoughts. And this is not necessarily a sign of infidelity, just his feelings have changed, and he no longer feels the desire to open up.

6. He pulls away from your world

You can be happy or upset, but he no longer wants to share these emotions with you. Increasingly, a man turns to the principle “you have your own life, I have mine”. And all the intersections of two lives are given to him more and more difficult.

7. He stops caring

Caring is one of the main things that men give to the woman they love. This care can be expressed differently for everyone: someone is used to giving flowers for no reason, and someone will cook dinner and wash the floors. You know how in Prostokvashino: “I think that the most valuable gift for a woman is a bag of potatoes. Do you know how many bags I carried for your mother?” In any case, the absence of any manifestations of care characteristic of your man speaks of a cooling of feelings.

Admitting that a relationship is broken is hurtful, but it’s not the end. You just can’t get used to love. You can’t take it for granted. She is not a bar of gold in a safe under lock and key. She is a flower that withers if not watered. Water your love and be happy!

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