Dec 29, 2020
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Shuvalov headed the Skolkovo board of directors instead of Vekselberg

Igor Shuvalov
Igor Shuvalov

The head of the VEB.RF corporation, Igor Shuvalov, was included in the board of directors of the Skolkovo fund and was elected its chairman.

how reads a message on the fund’s website, the decision to appoint Shuvalov as chairman was made at a meeting of the board of directors on December 29. The changes are related to the transfer of the fund under the management of VEB.RF as part of the reform of development institutions. Former head of the board of directors Viktor Vekselberg called the election of Shuvalov “a new stage in the development of the project, which is designed to ensure the formation of an innovation agenda in the country.”

In March 2010, by the decision of Dmitry Medvedev, then the president of the Russian Federation, the owner of the Renova group of companies, Vekselberg was appointed head of the project to create an innovation center. In June of the same year, he became President of the Skolkovo Foundation, in April 2019 – Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Skolkovo Foundation is one of 14 organizations related to development institutions. According to the Accounts Chamber, from the moment of foundation to October 1, 2020, all institutions received 877 billion rubles from the federal budget, of which 168 billion were sent to Skolkovo. previously reported that Vekselberg was unable to regain access to his assets in Switzerland. Julius Baer Bank justified the refusal to return the assets, citing US sanctions. The businessman tried to challenge this decision in court. Formally, the lawsuit against the bank was filed by the Lamesa company, registered in Cyprus. A Russian entrepreneur is one of the beneficiaries of the company.

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