Apr 29, 2021
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Shura harshly criticized the behavior of Philip Kirkorov

The famous Russian singer Shura not so long ago talked about his feelings about the sad reality of the domestic stage.

Shura harshly criticized the behavior of Philip Kirkorov

He noted that before the performers were more sick about the quality of their work than now.

he also criticized the changes in the repertoire of the singer Philip Kirkorov. He believes that a celebrity invests most of his money in his own hanger and nothing more.

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Shura does not understand the desire of such artists as Baskov and Kirkorov to perform in a duet with young and not age-old professional performers. Also, the singer does not recognize the joint work of Dani Milokhin and Nikolai Baskov and the fit of Kirkorov with Dava.

Shura noted that such collaborations are portrayed as a thankless task, and he does not understand this. The celebrity said that the other day he went to the shop and got himself pieces for 30 thousand rubles. And he added that it would be more important to give pennies to some Russian designer than to overpay 250 million rubles for a jacket.

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