Nov 16, 2021
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Shura announced that he wanted to leave the Superstar!


Singer Shura admitted that he did not like the music competition.

After a long break, the artist again decided to plunge into various shows and is now filming in the NTV project “Superstar!” Despite the fact that the program is popular, he did not want to go there.

In 2007 he already took part in “Superstar!” and even wanted to leave the project, but then Joseph Prigogine stopped him. As it turned out, this season he also has such thoughts – and all because of his colleagues.

This year, too, I wanted to leave for the second program, because we had a not very friendly atmosphere behind the scenes. It seems like everyone goes to you smiling, as they say, in the eyes – all the dew of God. And when still Lolita said: “Nobody saw you for 20 years.” But this is not about me, I have been working all my life. I didn’t like this phrase so much“, – admits Shura.


Most of all, the singer liked not only the beautiful picture, but also the musical component. For each hit, an original arrangement was made, it was not forbidden to perform new compositions.

We were more friendly here than 13 years ago in that show, but all the same, the grains were so small. But this is normal, this is show business, this is a competition – you have to survive here.“, – says Shura.

It turned out that TV presenter Vadim Takmenev had persuaded the musician to come to the show. In his opinion, for the performer of the hit “Do Good” this is another chance to declare himself and demonstrate the edge of his musical talent. “I didn’t really want to participate, but Vadik called me and said: “Sasha, let’s participate. It will be beautiful. ” Moreover, all this was filmed by Andrey Tsar, and I cannot refuse him“, – explains the artist Passion.

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