Nov 16, 2021
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Shugaley explained the desire of the media to “frighten” Russia with Western sanctions


Shugaley explained the desire of the media to
Federal news agency
Stepan Yatsko

The sociologist criticized the article entitled “First, they will impose sanctions against PMCs, then against Russia,” authored by journalist Sergei Elidinov. Afrikanst also maintains a blog on the Radio Liberty website (a media listed on the register of foreign media performing the functions of a foreign agent).

“I think there is no need to explain in whose interests such experts work. But I think that the topic itself is very important. Without going into details and legends about “PMC Wagner”, I am amazed at this “PR of Western sanctions.” These same sanctions, which are introduced for any reason and any sneeze, should force Russia to hide, cry and sprinkle ashes on its head, ”Shugaley noted.

At the same time, the scientist called the restriction an instrument of political pressure. This method is used in order to force Russia to stop supporting the peoples of Donbass and Belarus, as well as “get out of the Crimea,” the words of the sociologist are reported by the Federal News Agency. However, no state is trying to find a way to adequately communicate with Russia to establish bilateral contact.

Thus, trying to frighten Russian readers with sanctions and promoting the opinions of engaged experts, is fulfilling someone’s political order? Let me remind you that I am sure that the media, of course, should not be limited and should ensure freedom of speech, but foreign agents are required by law to be marked with a corresponding box.“, – says the head of the FZNTs.

Shugaley named another goal of the sanctions. According to him, it is the political PR of Western countries. Such pressure can also be called genocide of the Russian population. The authors of such restrictions are trying to ensure that Russia is deprived of its superpower status.

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