Sep 24, 2021
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Show “Stars in Africa”: Participants, scandals, release dates

The first issue is filled with tears and screams. Bonya accused Yarushin of hypocrisy, and Khilkevich burst into tears because of Yagudin – he was included in the list of outsiders because of her.

Mikhail Galustyan and Olga Buzova – hosts of the “Stars in Africa” ​​project Photo collage:

“Stars in Africa” ​​is a new reality show on TNT. Participants will have to face danger, overcome fears and get out of their comfort zone.


10 brave celebrities who are ready to withstand the test of the wild volunteered to participate in the “Stars in Africa” ​​project. The strongest of them will receive 5 million rubles. The creators will send money to nature conservation. The weakest player leaves Africa every week.

The presenters were Olga Buzova and Mikhail Galustyan. They support the participants and look after them from the outside.

The stars who feel that they cannot continue to participate should scream, “I am a star! Take me away from here!” These fly out of reality in disgrace.

Official poster of the project Photo:

TNT Deputy General Producer told about the project:

“We have created a rare show – it contains several genres at once. From comedy to adventure. This is our autumn blockbuster, ”said Arkady Vodakhov.

The list of participants in the “Stars in Africa” ​​show is multifaceted. The editors handpicked a diverse lineup of the company, from a 19-year-old tiktoker to an Olympic champion.

Participants of the show on the vote Photo: YouTube | TNT

Victoria Bonya – TV presenter, model, ex-participant of “House-2”. From the first minutes in Africa, she was hysterical due to lack of food. She complained that she suffered from stomach problems and could not go without food for a long time.

Alexey Yagudin – figure skater, Olympic champion. He won love because of his sparkling humor. He coped with the tests with dignity, but became a candidate for pasture.

Anna Khilkevich – blogger, actress. She steadfastly withstood the tests and showed kind-heartedness. She chose Alexei as a candidate for leaving, but she shed tears and regretted it.

Svetlana Permyakova – artist, former KVN player, TV presenter. I worried about my comrades, prepared breakfast for all the participants and said goodbye to the fear of insects. She fought herself decisively when she picked up a tarantula spider.

Vika Odintsova – model, ex-lover of Yegor Creed. She did not show herself brightly. She scored several votes as a nominee for a departure.

Aiza Dolmatova – blogger, ex-wife of Guf, rap artist. Selected as a participant in one of the tests. The woman was chained into a glass cube filled with water, where exotic animals were sent.

Mitya Fomin – musician, actor. Fearlessly completed assignments and worried about food. Licked the participants’ plates after snacks. He took the bones out of the bin and made broth out of them.

Stas Yarushin – actor, musician. He straightforwardly commented on Boni’s failures, expressed dissatisfaction with the participants and appealed for justice. Seemed to followers as a future leader.

Vyacheslav Malafeev – footballer. He courageously pulled the whole team at the starting competition, never barely exposed his fear. The audience considered him one of the strongest participants.

Julia Gavrilina – tiktoker. The youngest participant. She did not hide her emotions by the end of the episode. The guys condemned her for her way of life and thinking, not wanting to see her as a person.

Participant of the show Yulia Gavrilina Photo: YouTube | TNT

Danya Milokhin – singer, tiktoker. Announced in the second episode of “Stars in Africa”. There is information on the network that the guy will leave the same day that he appears.

The composition of the participants may change over time.

Bonya was the initiator of the excitement. Victoria was afraid that she would not be fed and did not hold back her tears. Stas Yarushin answered her sharply: “You knew where you were going!” The man blurted out that he did not tolerate female tantrums. Subsequently, the girl published a post on Instagram, where she called the actor a hypocrite.

Victoria Bonya burst into tears due to lack of food Photo: YouTube | TNT

Another conflict arose between Gavrilina and the team. Elderly celebrities denounced the youngsters who achieved popularity on TikTok. They don’t see the platform as creativity, but the subscribers as an achievement. The girl defended her point of view, but it was not possible to come to a consensus. Due to moral pressure, Yulia ran to cry on the street.

There was also a scandal with a love subtext – Aizu was accused of flirting with a married Malafeev. At the vote, she did not hide her joy and jumped on her knees to the athlete. Users say that the blogger has always been actively interested in men.

The final vote revealed two laggards. Gavrilina and Yagudin went on a mission. According to its results, only one participant should remain.

Galustyan and Buzova asked the heroes to taste the cuisine of Africa at speed – the tongue of a crocodile and the genitals of mammals. The skater won by a wide margin. The presenters suggested that the losing Yulia eat a dessert made of maggots in order to win a hearty dinner for the other participants. Gavrilina agreed.

Yagudin and Gavrilina on the final test Photo: YouTube | TNT

Returning to the participants, Buzova said that no one would leave the Stars in Africa today. Gavrilina ran to the rivals with a huge portion of ice cream.

“Stars in Africa” appealed to most viewers. They are interested in the question: “When will the new series be released?” The next issue is scheduled for September 26th. TNT shows Stars in Africa on Sundays at 20:00. Presenter Olga Buzova reminds subscribers in advance of the latest episodes. Episode release dates:

  • September 19
  • September 26
  • 3 october
  • 10 october
  • 17 October
  • October 24

Reality reviews are mixed. The FILM.RU website rates the project at 6.7 stars out of 10. Fans follow with interest the life of celebrities in the conditions of pristine nature. Many have noted the similarity between Stars in Africa and The Last Hero.

Project participants Stas Yarushin, Alexey Yagudin and Vika Odintsova Photo: YouTube | TNT

Fans write on YouTube:

“Not a bad idea, Africa, etc … But in fact, this is the Last Hero + Ford Boyard, even the contests are the same.”

“I like watching the stars participate like this. Only I would like to have more load for them, and not watch Dom-2. “

“Surprisingly, it’s gone. Luxurious decoration and music. And amazing people! I look forward to the continuation. “

Stars in Africa has a chance of high ratings, critics say. The format is fresh for the TV channel, and motley celebrities give the program bright colors. Viewers are eagerly looking for release dates for the program.

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