Nov 18, 2021
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Show business “dies” again

Show business “dies” again

Artists may again be left without earnings: concerts are massively canceled or postponed to the next year.

And all this because tickets are not sold even to top stars! What’s going on?

In many regions, restrictions on the occupancy of halls have been relaxed or even completely canceled. It would seem that the stars can rejoice. Previously, only 30-50% of the number that the stage actually holds could be allowed to their performances. And it was an extremely unfavorable situation: it was not possible to recoup even rent and salary for your team. Now – let in as many people as you like. The main thing is that all viewers have QR codes confirming the fact of vaccination or transferred covid. But here’s the bad luck: the organizers of the concerts claim that tickets are now practically not on sale. Show business is dying again. Is it so?

– Yes, unfortunately everything is so, – the star promoter Sergey Lavrov confirmed to us. “And it’s really killing the industry. For example, I was doing a tour with a top artist right now. I had plans to sell out in many cities. But as soon as QR codes were introduced, people began to return tickets en masse. In Chelyabinsk, for example, 80% of the tickets were returned a week before the concert! Can you imagine? And we had to cancel the concert.

The same situation was in Snezhinsk. And in Kurgan, with the introduction of QR codes, sales just stopped immediately. Nowadays, tickets are not sold for any concerts. I spoke with my colleagues – everyone will reschedule tours or cancel altogether. This is very disappointing, because some of the performers had tickets to huge venues, such as sports palaces, sold out. And such concerts have to be postponed. This is actually a disaster. Because we do not know what will happen tomorrow, what will happen in 2022 …

The industry is indeed in decline. The organizers of the concerts do not understand why, for example, people go to the metro with full load and without QR codes, but it is just as impossible to go to a theater or a concert freely. And if in Moscow and St. Petersburg there are still a lot of vaccinated people, therefore the attendance of various events is high, then in the regions the situation is difficult. They are very poorly vaccinated there, do not want to receive QR codes and, accordingly, do not have the opportunity to go to concerts. What should artists do who once again find themselves out of work? Interrupt corporate parties and wait for better times, wait for all this to end …

Mikhail Nechaev.

G. Sysoev / RIA Novosti

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