Apr 18, 2021
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Should the Minister of Culture of Crimea be punished for obscenities during a meeting?

“There’s nothing to punish here,” he said. political scientist Sergei Markov. “We need such ministers: bright, lively, capable of thinking and expressing nontrivially, even if using obscene vocabulary. You just need to know where and when it can be used. I am sure that the Crimean minister also knows this. Just because of the technical overlap, what was said in a particular situation got on the air. It is strange to demand from a person that he always and everywhere speaks like a book. Suppose he stumbled, knocked coffee onto a clean shirt. Should he say at the same time: “Oh, an unpleasant episode happened to me!”? Normal people will put it differently. And from experience I will say that cultural workers swear much more often than ordinary citizens. And not only here ”.

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