Dec 24, 2020
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Shopping and food during the COVID-19 pandemic

The risk of infection is higher indoors than outdoors. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to shop not inside, but outside (in the bazaar, in kiosks), it is better to use it. When shopping outdoors, do not forget about other safety measures (they are listed below).

The less time you spend in the store, the lower the risk of infection. Therefore, it is better to start shopping with a ready-made shopping list. The habit of studying store shelves for a long time is best left in the past.

The fewer people in the store, the lower the risk of infection. Whenever possible, shopping is best done outside rush hour. This is especially important for people at risk for severe COVID-19.

No need to go to the store with the whole family or company. It is better if the risk is taken by as few people as possible.

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