Jan 26, 2022
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Shoppers outraged by adult toys that appeared in the store in honor of Valentine’s Day

adult toys in storeThe sellers of the British chain of stores “Poundland” are actively preparing to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

adult toys in store

That is why goods appear on the shelves, which, apparently, should add spice to the holiday of lovers. However, many buyers are outraged when they see sex toys in the middle of the presented assortment. People are sure that there are sex shops for such goods, and Poundland is a family shop where children come. No parent wants kids to look at unusual objects and start asking embarrassing questions.

adult toys in store

However, the representatives of Poundland were surprised by the popular anger. They have been selling toys for adults for several years now – such a product is on the top shelves, so it will be problematic for small children to see it. In addition, there are age restrictions on the sale of such toys at the checkout. It seems that the resolution of the conflict is not expected yet.

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