Jan 23, 2021
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Shooting of the series “The Boss” has started with the star of “Youth” Denis Nikiforov in the title role

15:11, 01/22/2021

The project will be broadcasted on the NTV channel.

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Denis Nikiforov is familiar to the audience thanks to his roles in such films and TV series as “8 First Dates”, the trilogy “Shadowboxing”, “Yesenin”, “Border. Taiga novel “. In 2013, the project “Youth” was released with the participation of the actor. In the series, Nikiforov played a former NHL player, head coach of the Medvedi hockey team, Sergei Makeev.

After filming in “Molodezhka” Nikiforov has earned all-Russian popularity and new contracts. So, today it became known that the shooting of the series “Master“, In which Denis will play the main role. Irina Tarannik, Nikolay Kozak will also star in the project, Sergey Shariffulin, Petr Barancheev, Dmitry Lavrov and others. The production will be directed by Miroslav Malich.

The shooting of the series “The Boss” has started with Denis Nikiforov in the title role

It is worth noting that despite his popularity, Nikiforov tries not to advertise his personal life. It is only known that for some time Denis was in a relationship with the singer MakSim. Denis and Marina (real name MakSim. – met on the set of the star’s clip “Letting go”, in which the actor played the main role. Feelings flashed instantly and developed rapidly. The lovers were together for a little over a year, and it seemed to Nikiforov that he had found the one. However, the hot-tempered characters of both destroyed the relationship.

“It was a fast-paced, vibrant relationship. We were very talented, but together we could hardly get along under the same roof. We are both very hot-tempered people. We even made two parachute jumps together. Once I dropped a phrase that was very offensive to her. He said that I don’t like the pop music she plays in. I love rock music. This phrase sunk into her soul and left a wormhole. I think if she gave birth, the child would grow up without a father, “- said the actor in the show” The Fate of a Man “.

MakSim and Denis Nikiforov dated for a little over a year

Nikiforov was also offended by the fact that his chosen one earned more than him. Despite the disagreements, now the ex-lovers speak warmly about each other. In an interview, MakSim even called Nikiforov one of the main men in her life. However, after a while, Maxim denied information about the affair with the actor.

Now Nikiforov is happily married and has two children – a son Alexandra and daughter Veronica… As for MakSim, she, like Denis, does not like to talk about her personal life. In 2008, the singer married a sound engineer Alexey Lugovtsov and gave birth to a daughter from him Alexandru… The marriage broke up three years later. In 2014, the second daughter of the singer was born Maria from a businessman Anton Petrova… The lovers parted less than a year later. Later, Marina’s personal life improved and she said that everything was fine with her. However, the star did not declassify the identity of her new chosen one.

Singer MakSim with her daughter

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