Jan 5, 2022
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Shoigu’s personal life: “Golden” marriage, rumors about his mistresses and singer Zara

Despite the marriage with Irina, which lasts 46 years, Shoigu was noticed in the company of a young woman.

The defense minister is credited with two novels at once.

Sergei Shoigu and wife Irina
The head of the Ministry of Defense and his wife. Photo:


Sergey Kuzhugetovich does not like to talk about love relationships. He has been married to his legal wife for 46 years, which almost reaches the “golden” anniversary. During this time, the couple had two daughters and three grandchildren.

What does the wife of the Minister of Defense look like
Sergei Shoigu and wife Irina at home, 2016. Photo: YouTube video screenshot

Shoigu’s wife is a co-founder of Recapmed LLC. Does not maintain social networks, does not go out, does not publish photos. Lives closed.

Rumors circulate on the network that Irina Alexandrovna has died. There is no confirmation of this. However, in 2021, Sergei Shoigu lost his sister, Larisa Shoigu. She could be confused with his wife by some social media users, giving rise to talk about the death of his wife.

Shoigu is very proud of his children. The elder Julia is the director of the Center for Psychological Assistance of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. She and her husband have two children.

Daughter Shoigu Julia
Julia Shoigu. Photo:

Younger Ksenia is the president of the Triathlon Federation. She starred in the episodic role of Mikhalkov “Burnt by the Sun-2”. Has established a personal life. Lives with sports blogger Alexei Stolyarov. Their child was born on September 17, 2021.

Youngest daughter Shoigu and husband 2021
Ksenia and her husband, blogger Alexey Stolyarov. Photo: Instagram

Shoigu is credited with having an affair with a woman named Elena Shebenova. Allegedly, they met in the early 00s, when she worked as a flight attendant on the planes of the Ministry of Emergencies. The media write that she not only accompanied Sergei, but also gave birth to his son Daniel. They even find external similarities between the guy and the alleged father, but these are just guesses.

Also, some believe that Sergei Kuzhugetovich has an interest in the singer Zara, who has several medals from the Ministry of Defense.

Sergei Shoigu and singer Zara
Shoigu and Zara at the skating rink. Photo: Instagram

In December, the network was excited by the photo of Sergei Shoigu in hand with Zara. The girl showed footage from the opening of the Patriot Park on her Instagram, which raised a lot of questions about the identity of the life of the head of the Ministry of Defense. I signed the publication like this:

“I hasten to share a place where it is definitely worth going with loved ones. [..] Do not be surprised if Sergei Shoigu passes by. “

It is not known for certain whether the celebrities have a relationship. They don’t comment. While Shoigu has a spouse, journalists are looking for new reasons to accuse him of infidelity. By law, every citizen has the right to privacy.

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