Aug 29, 2021
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Shoigu was asked about the SBU agenda. He couldn’t hold back his sarcasm

Sergei Shoigu was asked a question about the SBU’s summons demanding to come to Ukraine to carry out investigative measures by local law enforcement officers and issue a “written suspicion” to the Russian defense minister. In his answer he did not contain the sarcasm: “I am sorry, I will improve.”

The head of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu was asked on the air of “Russia 1” about the scandal with accusations against him from Kiev.

In the summer, the SBU posted on its portal a summons addressed to the Russian Minister of Defense demanding to come to Mariupol to carry out investigative measures by local law enforcement officers. There he was promised a “written suspicion”.

Shoigu is charged with the alleged formation of illegal military detachments, which provoked the death of citizens. At the same time, the Ukrainian side did not present any intelligible arguments.

The journalist of the Russian TV channel asked the minister about this agenda. Shoigu in his answer could not contain his sarcasm:

I’m sorry, I’ll fix it.

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