Jan 25, 2021
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Shock in Latvia and Estonia over the call to consider family as the union of a man and a woman

In Latvia and Estonia, shock over the call to consider family as the union of a man and a woman

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS

There is a scandal in Latvia. Look, the National Association wanted to amend the Constitution stating that the family is the union of a man and a woman. Now the concept of a family in the Basic Law of the Republic is vague, which gives reason to consider same-sex relationships as such. The parliamentary faction of the party “Development / For!”, A member of the ruling coalition of the Seimas indignant and complained to the prime minister Krisjanis Karins

The head of the Cabinet opposed the proposal of the National Association. “The amendments made to the Seimas, if adopted, will be a return to the past, and we must all work together to look to the future, in the direction of development chosen by our country, where every person is a value. These amendments are inexcusably splitting our society at a time when unity is crucial in the fight against a pandemic, ”Karinsha was quoted by the media. “The state does not need to look into the past, it does not need to strive to return to such a regime of the USSR. We need to move forward, ”the Prime Minister urged.

How homosexual relationships will affect the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, he did not explain. Meanwhile, last year, the Latvian Constitutional Court called on the Seimas to legally, economically and socially protect same-sex couples on an equal basis with traditional families. This verdict of the Constitutional Court led the National Association to a demarche. The deputy from this bloc, Janis Iesalnieks, explained: the amendments to the Constitution are dictated by “the generally accepted model of the family in society.” “You cannot ignore the opinion of the majority of society and introduce other people’s customs and mores,” he said.

Here, by the way, a funny contradiction arises. Nationalists advocate a traditional family, as it really was in the USSR and as it is now in Russia, but at the same time they are the most ardent opponents of our country and haters of the Soviet Union, believing that the USSR occupied Latvia, and constantly referring to the Russian population of the republic as “occupiers”. So their demand to recognize the family as a union of a man and a woman is not a desire to return to the USSR, but a political action aimed at attracting the electorate, but, admittedly, a natural healthy view of gender relations and demography. So the Latvian Prime Minister made a mistake in assessing their call to return to the USSR.

And the fact that the head of the Cabinet and other liberal politicians of Latvia and the West in general call for “development” unacceptable for the majority, meaning the propaganda of same-sex relations, is an obvious fact. Nobody, including in the National Association, denies that “every person is a value” (except, of course, the “occupiers”, if we mean the views of the local right-wingers), but presumably, most of the society is against same-sex marriages. Let yourself, but without imposing your “foundations”. The European branch of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) states that the level of intolerance towards gays and lesbians is very high in Latvia. Out of 49 European countries, this Baltic republic is ranked 41st in terms of tolerance. So for the National Association, all opponents of the legalization of homosexual relations as a family are a wonderful electoral reserve.

But the advocates of legalizing same-sex relationships are very persistent. The Prime Minister of Latvia thanked the deputies of the “Development / For!” for the “correct” formulation of the question and said: only through joint efforts in the Seimas it will be possible to stop the adoption of amendments to the Constitution that consolidate the concept of the family as a union of a man and a woman.

But the fighters for gay happiness are persistent and aggressive not only in Latvia. Last fall, a scandal erupted in Estonia after an interview with the Estonian Interior Minister Martha Helme German Wave, where he spoke out against sexual minorities and suggested to them: “Let them flee to Sweden. Everyone is there, everyone looks at them more politely. ” Note: in Estonia, despite the massive protests, a law on cohabitation was passed, which legalizes partnerships of same-sex couples.

“There is no future without marriage, without women and men having children,” said Mart Helme. – We are in favor of specifying in the legislation clearly and unambiguously: marriage is between one woman and one man, that’s all. If you don’t like it, then let’s denounce the law on cohabitation. ” “We want the state to survive, but it cannot survive without children and without morality,” the minister said. “They climb into the bed of heterosexuals. They climb, not we climb into their bed. If they can do their own homopropaganda, then we can do other propaganda, ”Mart Helme was indignant. Prime Minister Juri Ratas immediately said: the answers of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Deutsche Welle “definitely deserve condemnation.” “It is the duty of the members of the government of the Republic of Estonia to work so that all our people would live a little better every day than they did yesterday, and the Estonian people, culture, language and state have existed for centuries. This cannot be achieved with unfriendliness or harsh words, this requires kindness, understanding and teamwork, ”said Jüri Ratas, investing in this message the patronage of same-sex love, as if it is thanks to her that the state will begin to flourish.

Today Mart Helme is no longer a minister, but for a different reason: he doubted the honesty of the American presidential elections and said this about Biden: “The logic of his activity is to ensure freedom of action for himself, placing corrupted scoundrels and blackmailers everywhere. Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are corrupt types. ” And a day after this statement, Mart Helme was forced to resign. Claims have already accumulated against him, including those of President Kersti Kaljulaid, and here it is!

And the Lithuanian politician, leader of the Labor Party Viktor Uspaskikh was recently expelled from its ranks by the faction of the liberals of the European Parliament for rude statements about homosexuals. The politician suffered for this tirade: “Today, in some European states, it is even dangerous to say that you are a representative of a natural orientation. I do not want any fagots to comment on my statements, programs, so this is actually not a program for them. I’m talking about fagots, perverts, those to whom life has given it so much, it’s not their fault that there is some kind of attraction that he feels like a woman in a man’s clothes. Most of these people are not advertised, but those who hide their dick under a skirt and go out into the street, shouting that they are fagots, perverts, just cannot be tolerated. “

Uspaskikh apologized, admitted that the words he used were too rude, but assured that he did not intend to offend the entire LGBT community. But it did not help. The blue lobby is very powerful.

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